Extra Curricular Activities

There are so many educational values to having extra-curricular activites in a preschool program.  In a group setting, children learn about working with others.  They listen and watch how other children problem solve.  Any extra-curricular activity will involve using the body and mind, and help children practice large & fine motor skills; whether it is a big movement such as jump-roping or a smaller one like beading a necklace.  Catching a ball or listening to a guitar will trigger new connections and experiences.  These programs are successful because children think they are fun and don’t realize how carefully structured, age-appropriate activities benefit their growth and development.

ART CLASS – Your child will participate in many arts and craft projects through the school year.  They will dabble in different mediums and be able to express themselves artistically.  Whether its beading a necklace, finger painting a replica of the sky or molding clay into letters, their creative side will blossom at Busy Bee.

COMPUTER CLASS – In today’s world, children are constantly being exposed to a variety of high-tech devices.  Teaching them how to properly and safely use these devices is important.  We offer Pre-K computer lessons where you child will learn about the parts of a computer, practice hand-eye coordination using a mouse and be exposed to our age-appropriate developmental software designed for preschool.

DANCE CLASS – Children get their bodies moving by dancing to all styles of music.  Whether its performing a routine, jiving to calypso music or simply moving to a classical tune, children will be able to express themselves through body movements while gaining confidence and coordination.

DRAMA CLASS- Our Pre-K students participate in the Busy Bee Drama Class.  They learn and perform a play complete with costumes and props!  They learn about character development through dynamic and fun exercises.  They work with a script, rehearse the play and perform it at the Pre-K graduation ceremony which takes place in June for all friends and family to see.  Children also have opportunites for Dramatic play through dress-up and puppets!

FIELDTRIPS & EXCURSIONS – Each school year, our Pre-K students have an opportunity to take a school bus to pumpkin pick right before Halloween.  They enjoy a hayride, obstacle course and get to pick their very own pumpkin.  Also, each spring, our Pre-K classes visit the Turtle Back Zoo to learn about animals and their habitats.  In addition, they feed birds, take a train ride and even get to enjoy thair beautiful carrousel.  Students also take walking fieldtrips to Funtime Junction, which is conveniently located on our property.  (Additional fees may apply toward fieldtrips.)

GYMNASTICS – Students participate in our “Bee Healthy” program where their large motor coordination, balance and basic gymnastic skills are developed.  Children will have fun stretching, balancing and moving on our activity floor mat.

KINDERGARTEN PREP – We pride ourselves on the academic readiness of our children when they enter kindergarten.  One program that assists children to achieve their best is our Kindergarten Prep program for children entering Kindergarten the following school year.  In lieu of rest time, your child has the opportunity to participate in a specialized class focusing on academic readiness including pre-reading, pre-math, writing skills and classroom etiquette so they are prepared for the next step in their academic careers.  (Additional fees may apply.)

LANGUAGE CLASS – Children will be exposed to languages such as English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese & even sign language!  They will become familiar with simple phrases through songs and chants to make learning the basics of a new language fun and exciting.

MUSIC CLASS – In addition to our multitude of songs and finger plays that we do at circle time each day, we also invite a professional musician to visit Busy Bee several times each month to sing songs and tell stories to our students.  Your children will learn rhythms, beats and be exposed to all types of music.  Even our youngest students will have the chance to join the Busy Bee band with our age appropriate musical instruments.

SPORTS & FITNESS CLASS –  Children get into shape and practice their athletic ability through structured physical activity.  They participate in sports like basketball, yoga, soccer, obstacle courses etc.  They also learn the importance of eating healthy foods, staying hydrated and understanding good nutrition!

SPECIAL GUESTS – We have a variety of special guests that visit our school throughout the year.  Some examples are:  During Dental Hygiene Month, a Dentist vistis and instructs children on proper oral hygiene.  The Fairfield Fire Department visits during fire prevention month and provides valuable information on what to do if there is ever an emergency at school or in your home.  Students get to see and sit on a real fire truck too!  The Fairfield Police Department has visited with their police dogs and showed children why they are important and special.  Guest readers also visit, such as librarians, and even parents join us as “Secret Storyteller” to read or tell a stories.

SUMMER CAMP – Summer Camp runs from July through August and gives children opportunities to have fun, get messy, learn and play.  Some camp activities include but are not limited to games (parachute fun, bingo, luau parties etc.) arts & craft projects, experiments and water play (outside sprinklers & water tables).  Our Summer Camp has weekly themes that have been designed to that existing children and new children enjoy fun and exciting activities.  Monthly calendars are sent home highlighting scheduled projects and activities for each day.

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