Our Programs

We are dedicated to teaching and caring for children. We pay close attention to the safety and well being of each individual child. Your child will interact with mature adults and with children his/her own age. Your child will enter Kindergarten with a background of experiences and skills that will be very helpful to him/her, and with the ability to get along with others.

Our Staff

Busy Bee Academy provides a teacher-student ratio at each level to allow for an effective educational program. All teachers at Busy Bee are trained, capable and experienced. Our teachers are certified in CPR and First Aid. Our Bee Keepers are loyal, reliable and love working with children.  Our aim is to provide children with a rich and well-balanced program combining intelligent supervision and guidance.

Advanced Curriculum Information

At Busy Bee, we pride ourselves on the academic readiness of our students.  Our Pre-K curriculum is well rounded and designed to bring each child to their full academic potential.  As our students reach their final year of preschool and begin to prepare for Kindergarten, we offer a special program exclusive to Busy Bee.

Our Kindergarten Prep Program (K-Prep) occurs daily for full-time students.  Students in this class work on pre-reading skills, reading comprehension, pre-math skills, writing and general classroom etiquette to prepare them for the next step of their academic life- KINDERGARTEN!

General Program Features

  • Conveniently located right off Routes 46 East & West in Fairfield, New Jersey.
  • Flexible Program Hours to suit working parents with various schedules including full-time and part-time programs, drop-in hourly programs and flextime arrangements.
  • Open All Year!
  • Development Programs designed to match the needs of each individual child including arts and crafts, music, dance, Spanish, gymnastics, free play and more!
  • Highly trained, experienced and caring staff dedicated to teaching and caring for all children.
  • Healthy Snacks provided daily to all Pre-K students.
  • Newly renovated facility designed for optimal security and fire safety while providing a warm and friendly atmosphere where children and parents feel comfortable.
  • Large Outdoor play area with Wondergrass includes age appropriate equipment designed to promote social growth and development of large and fine motor skills.
  • Summer Camp!
  • Pre-K Graduation Ceremony and Play production annually!

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