Parents’ Comments

“We chose Busy Bee for its family atmosphere. We felt very comfortable leaving our daughter with such friendly people. We saw that it is clean, neat, and attractive to a child’s eye.”

“We just wanted to let you know that we received a note from our child’s kindergarten teacher today and she is very impressed with her reading skills. Her teacher noticed that she is well ahead of the other children. She gave her an additional book to read to give her more of a challenge. I just thought that you would like to hear that she is doing so well and we want to thank you for all that you have taught her. All of your hard work is worth it.”

“I am confident in leaving my child in Busy Bee Academy’s care because they are like extended family: true partners in the care of my son. My older son was part of Busy Bee Academy’s first class to graduate from baby to 5 years old. I’m thrilled to have my baby there now. The academics, love and fun are valuable and a big part of my child’s development.”

“Busy Bee feels like family. The entire staff is personable – getting to know parents as well as the children. I know when I drop my child off each morning that he is in good hands.”

“Busy Bee has always been a second home for my children. Having visited many centers in the area, I was immediately touched by the warmth of both the facility and staff, and this feeling has not wavered in the 5 years we have been at Busy Bee. My children have grown academically, socially and emotionally because of their wonderful experiences at Busy Bee.”

“When I was looking for a day care for my daughter, I wanted her close to where I work and since the very first day I walked into Busy Bee, I have been so pleased and comfortable with the love and care that she gets every day. My husband and I both feel very fortunate that we found such a wonderful place. It is so important that while I am at work everyday, I know my daughter is happy, safe, learning and developing and is so loved. Busy Bee’s day to day activities and art work that she makes us really makes me appreciate the individual attention each child gets. One word to describe Busy Bee, PERFECT! Thank you so much!”

“While researching day care facilities for my child, I immediately assumed more expensive meant better quality. The first center I visited had a spacious, elaborately decorated room with four infants, in each corner, alone, under some type of play mobile. I was inconsolable. During my interview visit at Busy Bee, one of the co-owner’s, Susan, was about 8 months pregnant, holding a child with a cold. When I asked what she was doing, she explained that this was his second day and he was having a difficult time adjusting and needed some extra love, so she was carrying him. I knew that my decision was made. There is no greater substitute for your own home than a place where you feel your child’s best interests are always at heart. I would like to take credit when my daughter receives compliments for her manners, behavior and language skills, but I quickly explain that it is all due to the rearing she receives from her family at Busy Bee.”

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