Program Highlights

Busy Bee Academy provides an early childhood program that gives your child opportunities to learn, play and work with other children, to develop skills needed for success in school and to participate in enjoyable activities, which will enrich their preschool experience.  Our primary goal is to involve your child in a program that assists them to function successfully as individuals as well as group members, and gives them the feeling that learning is fun, exciting, challenging and rewarding.


  • expanding communication skills through conversations and classroom experiences such as art, music, Spanish, computers, social studies, mathematics, block building, dramatic play, etc.
  • challenging and imaginative activities that allow children to express themselves in original and creative ways;
  • developing the ability to listen, follow directions, take turns, and respect the property rights of others;
  • developing enjoyment and appreciation of music through listening, singing, dramatizing, rhythm and creative movement;
  • discovering the community and its people through walks and special guests;
  • enhancing and increasing manual dexterity through art, block play, lacing and other manipulative materials;
  • experiencing success through achievement, rather than through expectancy;
  • developing positive self-identity, self-image and self-acceptance.


  • fine motor skills: writing, cutting, pasting, lacing
  • gross motor skills: climbing, jumping
  • eye-hand coordination
  • left to right progression (pre-reading skill)
  • one to one interaction
  • recognition of shapes, colors, alphabet, numerals and safety signs
  • math concepts: measuring, comparisons, sequence, classification, etc.
  • beginner computer proficiency
  • scientific ideas: cause/effect, weather, time
  • socialization skills: group living, sharing, getting along with others
  • family –style dining: setting tables, pouring, serving, cleaning up after self
  • nutrition, good eating habits, new foods, manners, politeness, personal hygiene
  • language development: vocabulary, pre-reading/readiness skills, letter sounds
  • classroom etiquette and kindergarten readiness
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